Machine Learning Tool


This is a 1.0 version of the machine learning model and future updates may occur depending upon user interaction rates and feedback, it cannot be guaranteed 100% accuracy. Upon submitting your picture, the AI will generate an email that Ryan Hennessy is also copied on. Ryan will review the email, and in the event that there is disagreement with the model, he will reach out to you at an estimated time of between 10 minutes to 48 hours.


Please note that this machine learning model is designed as an operational tool for recognizing 1 microbe type or condition at a time per picture and is often NOT representative of overall plant conditions. For any microbe type or condition and its associated growth cause (s) to be relevant it must be ranked common or greater in abundance using the Jenkins ranking system. This model is intended for helping professionals with identification of unknown items they view under the scope. For an overall "big picture" diagnosis of treatment plant conditions a full microscopic evaluation by a trained professional is recommended in which items such as floc structure, dispersed growth, higher life form organisms, filament impact on floc structure, polysaccharide, rank/type of filamentous bacteria types and other indicator organism phenotypes, Gram staining, Neisser staining, and (preferably fluorescent viability testing). Information for sending a sample for microscopic evaluation is available at: Services - Ryan Hennessy Wastewater Microbiology